Tuesday, October 21, 2008

When mommy is sick...

When mommy is sick, it seems the world just falls apart!

Last week was a tough one. Kaylee and Lauren got strep, so I spent several days caring for them and trying to keep Natalie entertained and away from them.

Then I got it... oh boy, I haven't been that sick in a long time. I could hardly function for several days. We just went on auto pilot each day until daddy got home. The girls watched a lot of TV, the house fell apart and they ate a lot of cereal, crackers, whatever I could put together with minimal effort. One of the days after taking some Tylenol and feeling barely alive, I actually threw together some mac-n-cheese AND even made some rice krispy treats, then fell back into bed. Well, when I got up, Natalie had climbed up onto the counter, eaten half a pan of rice krispies. Then decided, that the left over mac-n-cheese needed to be toasted. I found a whole pile of macaroni IN the toaster. Thankfully, it wasn't on.
By the end of the week, it looked like a tornado had gone threw the house, the kids were wearing dirty clothes, the bathrooms were growing fungus and Lauren had dreadlocks (her hair hadn't been brushed all week).

I am finally feeling better and it's time to pick up the pieces--ahhhh!

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