Thursday, October 2, 2008

Go Big Red!!

Dan's grandparents were visiting from California this last weekend for the Virginia Tech/ Nebraska game. It was Kaylee's first Ne game and only David's 2nd or 3rd. They were sooooo excited. They have been talking about it for weeks and couldn't wait to go. We had a great time although, it would have been better with a different ending for the game. It was an exciting game though and kept everyone on their feet. I was a little worried about Kaylee at first. She was kind of grumpy and moody and tearful at the the start of the game. I thought --oh boy-- this could be a LONG game, but then she turned around and by the 2nd quarter, was excited and hyper and cheering like crazy. Who knows with girls??? I am one, but can't figure out mine sometimes. It could have been anything. Great Grandpa Byron had bought stadium seats for me, grandma Phyllis and himself, but not Kaylee. That could have been the problem, but she never would tell me the problem and eventually she was better. What am I going to do when they are all teenagers???? Agh!!!!

Anyway, it was a fun game and I hope we can continue to do that more. It was Great Grandma and Grandpa's treat, so we may stick to the Red and White game with the kids until we come in to some money:)

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