Thursday, October 2, 2008

insects are a good source of protein!

Insects are a good source of protein. Over 2/3 of the world use insects as a main source of protein. These were a few things that Dan and the kids learned at the Bug Open house on East Campus a few weekends ago. They had a blast. They made bug art--which was taking maggots, dipping them in paint, putting them on paper and watching the designs they made. They watched a demonstration on honeybees. And of course they ate some bugs. They were disappointed b/c they didn't have any chocolate dipped ants or grasshoppers like last year, instead they had jello with meal worms in it--mmmmm, delicious!! And yes all the kids ate some.

Well, with that as background---today, David came home from school and said he ate 2 grasshoppers. I asked why and he said b/c he was hungry. Lovely. I told him that next time he should at least try to get some money for doing it.

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