Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching a frog!

Got him!

I took Natalie to the library today to check out some books and to go to story time. The theme for the day was frogs. The teacher was talking about frogs and asking the kids questions. She had a little stuffed frog and asked what color are frogs and the kids all yelled "green!" and then she asked where do frogs live. There were different answers like "in the forest", "by the pond", etc. Well, Natalie yells out loud and clear right away with "in the hot tub!" I was cracking up. To the rest of the world this makes no sense at all, but at our house, we go on a daily search for frogs in the hot tub:) You see, we have a hot tub that was given to us, some time ago. It was free and we were soooo excited to have a hot tub. Well, it has been sitting on our patio for, I think almost a year now with some collection of rain water, muck and is the perfect environment for frogs!