Thursday, November 20, 2008

Missing Dan

Well, Dan is off hunting. So it is just me and the kids for 5 days. So far things are going ok, but I do miss having Dan here. It makes me so happy that we were able to spend some time together last week, just the 2 of us. We were in California for his grandpa's funeral. We flew in to LAX and were able to stop at Dan's childhood home, see his old neighborhood, his school and to go to the cemetery where his Dad was buried.
Besides the funeral, we also had some good time with family. Dan and I were also able to sneak away here and there for some us time. We walked on the beach, took a trip to Hearst Castle, watched a beach sunset and had a fabulous sushi meal. The weather was gorgeous. Time on the beach was just so relaxing, and we had quite a bit of time in the car and planes to talk and just be together. We haven't had time like that without the kids ever, so it was good. Here are just a few pictures from the trip.

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Barb said...

Take the good times whenever you can get them. Time alone with my husband is rare and precious.