Thursday, November 6, 2008


Carpet is my enemy, my tormentor, the taker of my time... If I had my way, there would be NONE in the house. It seems I am always cleaning it, vacuuming it, freaking out about it--when a child spills or tracks in or there is some catastrophe on it.
Well today was another one of those days where my time was taken up cleaning it again. I was busy around the house, doing laundry, picking up, etc. The girls were upstairs playing nicely---or so I thought. I go up to find Natalie covered in white creamy stuff. Somehow she had gotten a bottle of Watkins burn cream open (it has a child proof cap) and had smeared it all over herself and the floor. It looked like she had been finger painting with it and really rubbed it in.
I also found that they had gotten into some Halloween candy. We did have it put up high, but it is amazing how they can figure out ways to get to anything! I guess Natalie didn't like some of it, b/c there were spots on the floor of chewed up slobbery candy remains. Ugh!!!
Dan and I had bought a small steam cleaner years ago during one of David's catastrophic messes. What a great purchase. I recommend it to anyone with children and carpet!

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