Thursday, August 14, 2008

school days

The last official week of our summer was a crazy one-- seeing family, school shopping, haircuts, end of summer BBQ with friends and one last swim day. And today is the first day of school!! I can't believe it, the summer has just flown by. I'm sad, but also ready for some routine. Getting up in the mornings is going to take some adjusting. I took the kids to school today, so we were able to sleep a little later, but normally the bus will be here between 7:15 and 7:20, so everyone will need to be up before 7 am--yikes.
Last night was the kids open house. Kaylee (my shy one) was nervous about her teacher and new classroom, etc. She takes a bit to warm up to new people, so hopefully her and her teacher will bond. That makes all the difference for her. She does have some friends in her class, so that helps too.
David was excited about school, solely b/c his best friend Jon is finally in his same classroom. Jon lives a couple houses down from us and they have been best friends since the day we moved out here. He would spend every moment of the day with him if he could, and now he almost can! I only hope it doesn't cause problems in the classroom.
So now life is easy--Ha Ha!! Only two at home, but the trouble makers! We're excited for a new year.

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