Wednesday, August 13, 2008

pepper is not good to eat!

The two little girls were outside while I was inside doing dishes. Lauren comes running in the house yelling-"Natalie threw up, Natalie threw up!" My immediate thought was --oh great, here we go with a string of sickness! I go outside to first find,that yes indeed, Natalie did throw up. But then I see Natalie with her mouth open, drooling and spitting and a mouth full of pepper. They had found some pepper and decided maybe it would be good to eat. I can't imagine having a taste and taking more, sooo.... she must have just dumped a bunch in all at once. Her mouth was full of pepper. She was crying, coughing and sputtering while I tried to wash out her mouth. My guess is that Lauren talked her little sister into it. I was just thankful that it happened outside and I didn't have to clean up any mess and that she wasn't sick. Fun times at the Shafer house!

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