Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Lauren, the nudist

Ask anyone we know and they will confirm it. Lauren (3) hates to wear clothes. I'm not sure how it happened, but if at all possible she prefers to wear nothing at all. I think it started with potty training. For all the kids, it seemed to work best, esp. in summer, if you let them run around pants-less and they could make it to the bathroom easily and then if they were outside (we live in the country) they could just go. That of course has started another set of problems--WANTING to pee and poop outside all the time!! (That's a whole other story) Anyway, it has gotten to be a huge problem---it is a HUGE fight to get her to put on clothes each day. Right now it's summer so she will deal with a dress, but hates the underwear. I literally have to hold her down and forcefully dress her some days--while she is kicking and screaming!! It is not fun. Then we'll head to the car, if we're needing to run some errands, drive to Wal-Mart, when I realize that somewhere between the house and the car, the underwear has come off!! I've started keeping extra pairs of underwear in the car specifically for those reasons. Then, there have been a few times we missed that she didn't have underwear on--like just this Sunday at church. Nice dress, hair fixed, cute shoes, NO underwear--which we don't even notice until we're buckling her in her car seat--AFTER church. I can only imagine what the Sunday School workers think!!! Even on the days we are home, I'll manage to talk her into getting dressed in the morning, but she rarely makes it through the day. At some point suddenly she appears naked at a jay bird. She has no qualms about it AT ALL!! She'll run around nude no matter who is here and be perfectly happy to climb up on your lap to say hello. It was cute when she was 2, now I really need to figure out how to make clothes appealing. Hopefully with cooler weather coming, the idea of being warm will encourage clothing:)

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