Monday, August 27, 2007


Lately I've been surrounded by the issue of poop. My husband and I have somehow both caught the same bug at the same time and have spent endless hours on the toilet. Yes, this is a lovely way to start my brand new blog, but oh so fitting for how life at our house goes! Then this morning as my husband is heading out the door, he yells at the dogs for pooping in the sunroom, but doesn't have time to clean it up because he is late. So I head out to take care of it, distracted from the fact that I was in the middle of changing Natalie's diaper, she was squirming and fighting to not get a new one on, so I had given up. After being outside only a few minutes, I come in to find more poop--plops of runny, disgusting poop trailed from one end of the living room carpet into the kitchen, ending at the source, Natalie, looking up at me, legs and bottom covered in it. UGGGHH!! So off I go to grab our spot steam cleaner that I use daily. What an investment...Dan and I had bought it about 6 years ago, after the "yogurt incident". It has been a life saver. After I stick Natalie in the tub, Kaylee comes down saying her stomach hurts and so begins round 2 with the diarrhea bug-- The next few days could be lots of fun and filled with more poop clean- up duty--yeah!! You have to laugh or you would always be crying.

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