Monday, December 15, 2008

mommy- the photographer

Well, I have been meaning to get a picture of the kids together for a Christmas card photo. And the timing was perfect. A friend of Dan's at work let us borrow his nice Nikon SLR and Saturday was the most beautiful day--in the 50's in December!! So I got the kids all washed and pretty--which they loved-ha! and headed down the road to a friend's acreage that has a barn. I have been eyeing this place for months, thinking it could be a perfect photo spot. It was perfect in everyway, except the kids don't like getting their pictures taken, especially for mom. Dan helped- we pleaded, bribed and threatened. I kept saying- let's try one more, ok one more...I did NOT get the photo I was hoping for. Out of the four, there was always someone smiling weird or looking away or mad or sad or just being goofy or naughty. I think even Dan was ready to throw the camera. We were however able to get some single shots--enjoy.

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