Thursday, March 26, 2009


One of my first ever entries on this blog was about Lauren the nudist--I think she was 3 at the time!  I thought it was just a phase...  well the naked phase has lasted 2 years!  Yes, she still likes being naked--summer, winter, spring, fall--it doesn't matter--to her naked is good.  And if she's not naked, she will be wearing her most comfy jammies or a fuzzy dress up  animal costume.
The other day, David had a friend over for the day.  Lauren was dressed and playing, (she knows she has to wear clothes when people are over) but kept coming up to me and asking "is Jon still here?", "how long will Jon be here?", then later again- "is Jon here?".  This went on all day -on and off -until finally she comes up to me and says in an exasperated tone "when is Jon going home"?  I told her that he would be going home soon.  She was at her wits end and finally said -like she just might die if she had to wait one more second---"I just WANT to be naked!!!"  Wow, that girl really likes being naked.  Hopefully, this will get better soon.  She starts kindergarten in the fall and wearing clothes all the time might just kill her and I don't think there are any nudist kindergarten classes out there.
Here is a picture of Kaylee reading to Lauren--of course- in her birthday suit!

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Ross said...

No stopping them when they get started my grandson was like that couldn't keep anything on,great post will try to get back thanks for sharing :):):)